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Software engineering

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The Atlas toolkit is a new and innovative cloud computing service (Framework as a Service) which facilitates the programming of versatile graphical interfaces. By its lightweight, its ease of use, and its availability in several languages, the Atlas toolkit is the toolkit to try by those who would like to program a graphical interface, but who hesitate about the framework to use.

The Atlas toolkit is also at the heart of a set of software libraries designed to make the learning of programming more appealing, especially for young people. It is also the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to prototype web applications.

Given the importance of computing today, making programming more affordable is of crucial importance. In this context, as the developer of the Atlas toolkit, I am looking to recruit people with management, marketing and/or commercial oriented profiles to create a structure to ensure the distribution of this toolkit.

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All the skills that were necessary to develop this toolkit (C++ application development, development of components in native code for Java, Node.js, Python…) are part of the prestations that I provide as a freelance software engineer.

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