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Release of Atlas toolkit 0.10

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The version 0.10 of the Atlas toolkit, which allows to easily add a graphical user interface to your programs, is now available for all versions: Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.

In addition to the setLayout(XSL)(…) functions, you have now also the (prepend|append)Layout(XSL)(…) functions, which allow to prepend or append HTML (directly, or through an XSL transformation) to the existing HTML code of an HTML element, or to the entire page of the interface. This is useful to dynamically manipulate SVG elements, for example.

Also, for the (prepend|set|append)Layout(…) functions, the html parameter can be a string with valid HTML, but also the object returned by the new createHTML(…) function, which has exactly the same methods as those of the object returned by the already existing createXML(…) function.

For more details, see the APÏ:

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