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Release of Atlas toolkit 0.5

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The Atlas toolkit 0.5 comes with a new way to build an XML tree to use along with the (optional) setLayoutXSL method. Live demonstrations have been updated accordingly.

Although it is still possible to provide the setLayoutXSL method with a string containing the XML tree, there is now an object to build this tree with following methods: pushTag, popTag, setAttribute and setValue. Once the tree is built, it will be given as parameter to the setLayoutXSL method instead of the usual string parameter containing the XML tree.

This object provides a common way to all the available version (Java, Node.js and PHP) of the Atlas toolkit to build an XML tree. Before that, the XML tree was build as a string in Java, with the xmlbuilder package with Node.js and with the DOMDocument object with PHP.

You can still provide HTML content directly with the setLayout method rather then build this content with XSL using the setLayoutXSL method.

The live demonstrations have been updated to use this new object, if suitable.

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